Monday, June 16, 2014

There's a Script for Our Lives

I loved Jennifer Hadley's posting this morning.  In fact, I loved it so much I sent the link out to all the members of my Way of Mastery class.  Then I thought I'd share it with you, too.  To see it on her web-site, click here.  I have also included the entire posting below.

It's so great to be waking up!

"I’m continuing in this series I started about my experience of waking up. One of the most pivotal points for me was realizing that there was, as A Course in Miracles calls it, a script. There’s a script or plan for each of our lives. It’s very complex and every part of it is highly intentional. We wrote it. There’s not one choice in our life experience that isn’t written by our own Higher Holy Spirit Self.

The more loving I became, the more I practiced forgiveness and non judgment the more clearly I could see that there was not one thing in my life that was random. I began to have a level of insight, flashes and bursts of clarity about what was most important and how life worked. The more loving, patient and generous I became, the more I began to have a 4th dimensional awareness.

The more I practiced forgiveness, the more clearly I could feel, see, hear and know the truth beyond the illusion, the more I began to understand it, the less confusing life was for me.

I began to understand how life works from a spiritual perspective, rather than a worldly perspective. I began to see that what the world taught was false. Only Love is true. Love is all there is.

ALL of our life lessons about Love because Love is ALL there is.

When we make unloving choices we are, essentially refusing to accept the lessons of Love that we’ve worked so hard to present to ourselves. Each time we choose to be unloving, we’re rejecting ALL of our experiences of the past that have taught us to be loving, kind and generous. And this is the cause of our suffering. If we didn’t suffer when we make choices that are loving we are harvesting EVEN MORE learning from everything that we’ve learned so far.

My life began to be a series of challenging opportunities to choose Love. They were INTENSELY challenging for me. I became more and more committed to finding the Love in my heart and choosing from that Love. It was not easy. I began to experience miraculous healing. The level of healing that I’d always dreamed of became mine. I began to feel truly free. I began to see my family and friends changing too. I began to feel and see my finances healing. Everything became much easier.

It was ALL the result of deepening my spiritual practice. EVERYTHING I have is the result of that.

I finally began to value that which was truly valuable and my life was healing from the inside out.

The plan for your healing is there. You can activate yourself onto the fast path. It’s up to you.

The ONLY way I know to get on the fast path is through a dedicated spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice saves time. Time is for learning. If you stop refusing the learning and repeating it over and over again, you can heal at a quantum pace. Spiritual practice is the only way I know to do that.It IS miraculous! Are you willing to live the miraculous plan that is encoded into YOUR script? When would you like to start?How about now?"--Jennifer Hadley
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Brilliantly put, Jennifer!   

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