Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pardoning vs. True Forgiveness

Many of us were taught to pardon when we were children.  Here is how pardoning works:

Someone injures, annoys or upsets us in some way.  We think, "They are very bad.  They behaved badly.  However, I am going to be the bigger person and I am going to pardon them for their bad behavior.  I am a good person.  I forgive them."

Pardoning is not true forgiveness.  Pardoning is actually a form of judgment.  In pardoning others we see them as less than us.  They are "bad" and we are "good". 

With true forgiveness, we see our trespassers as being our exact and perfect equals.  We see them in their higher place (which is our higher place, too).  We know that their true reality is that they are perfect children of God, that God made them in his exact image, that he loves them infinitely and that they are only love.  We acknowledge that this world is an illusion and that the things that happen here are only illusory acts.

Pardoning is an ego act.  It comes from the ego side of our mind.  It never leaves us feeling love.  Anytime we judge others, we move away from God. 

However, true forgiveness, moves us closer to our real home in the mind of God.  It comes from the Holy Spirit part of our mind.  Forgiveness is an act of love and loving make us happy.  That's why forgiving the world around us ultimately leads us to a happy life.
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