Thursday, January 16, 2014

When Other People Disappoint

We all do it.  We get attached to the idea that other people in our lives will be a certain way.  Perhaps we expect our spouses or lovers to be strong, beautiful and infallible. Or we might expect our children to be happy, liked and well-adjusted.  Or our friends to be easy-going, loyal and available.  And maybe we want our parents to be fair, loving and supportive.   

The expectations may differ from person to person or situation to situation, but one thing never changes...we get attached to wanting our family, friends and associates to be a certain way. 

Unfortunately, the world often does not meet up with our decisions about what it should be.  We get attached to these decisions and since we are attached to them, we feel disappointed and hurt when the world does not meet them.  

Releasing attachments to our decisions about what life should be like is a form of forgiveness.  Accepting others as they are, knowing that whomever they are and whatever they are doing is the right thing for them at this moment, is the most loving thing we can do. 


We are each here with our own unique set of lessons.  None of us know the entire truth about anyone else's overall soul intentions and pathway.  Forgive and accept the people in your life when they fail to be what you want for them.  Allowing the world is the key to your own peace.  

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