Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Mad First

Your feelings are your feelings.

Not everyone is advanced enough to simply turn the other cheek right after they've been slapped on the first side.  We're not all capable of living like Jesus...yet.  We're not all bodisatvas!

That's okay.  When the world dishes out hurt, pain and anger, it's fine for us to feel these feelings.  For awhile.

In fact, feeling the feelings is the perfect first step in the forgiveness process.  Go ahead.  Expand the feelings. Intensify the feelings.  Wallow in them.  Are you mad?  You bet!  Were you wronged?  You bet.  Feel it. You go!

But remember, this is only the beginning--you have work to do.  Forgiveness work.

After a little bit, it's time for our inner wisdom to shine in and let us know that we must forgive these trespasses.  Okay, so we've indulged our ego for awhile. But now it's time to turn it around.  See the bigger picture. Switch from fear to love.  Give it over to the Holy spirit.

Remember, it's only the body that's been harmed.  It's your ego that is flaring up these feelings.  Your Mind is not harmed.  The part of you that you share with God is not harmed in one little bit.  The biggest part of you...the real part of you, is perfectly safe with God.  Dwell here and let the rest go.

Heal your trespasser with your offering of forgiveness and heal yourself in the process.  When you take them to God, you go there, too.

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