Monday, January 13, 2014

A Little Slide Downward

I usually forgive just about everything as soon as I am aware that I am feeling annoyed, hurt or upset.  After all, I have a forgiveness lifestyle.  Forgiveness keeps me happy and it keeps my world easy and comfortable to live in.  So I value and appreciate my life lessons and try to forgive my world each day.  

But last week I had a little slump.  Here's what happened.  Right before bed one evening, my husband snapped at me when I was trying to tell him about our plans for the next day.  Instead of overlooking and forgiving him, I got annoyed.  And I kept feeling annoyed because...I LIKED IT!  I indulged myself.  I let myself get good and angry with him.    

And here's what happened next...

I woke up at 3 AM and was unable to go back to sleep. The next morning as we were trying to meet our friends to ski together, we missed the bus they were on.  Then we went to get my iphone out of our ski locker so we could make a plan to meet up with them later.  We found my phone submerged in an inch of vegetable juice in the bottom of my purse (I had tossed in a plastic bottle of the stuff on the run to meet our friends... smart?)  I turned it on and shorted it out, killing it permanently.

All afternoon I continued to feel annoyed with my he, of course, began to act really annoying.  I went to bed feeling hurt and put upon.  The next morning was my birthday.  None of my friends and family called to wish me Happy Birthday.  Well, actually, they did, but my phone was dead, of course.  Now I began to feel sorry for myself.  Then I burned my hand cooking dinner.  Next, my husband, in an effort to repair a broken light sconce in our powder room, somehow shorted out the electricity in half our house.  I went to bed with business worries on my mind instead of my usually peaceful thoughts.

At this point I began to recognize that my switch from thinking with love to thinking with fear was beginning to do a little damage in my life.  I could get a new phone, my hand would heal, my husband could  repair the light fixture.  I figured I'd better stop while I was ahead.  If I didn't, I'd risk drawing some seriously bad stuff into my life.  

And so I forgave him.  I felt better.  He felt better.  A new phone arrived in the mail.  The light sconce got fixed.  My hand stopped hurting. I got a good night's sleep.  My clients all emailed or called with happy messages.  Best of all, there were Happy Birthday wishes waiting for me on my new phone.  

My world keeps reminding me that happiness is a choice.

This is often what actually happens in real life.  When we are acting with the ego and living in fear, we create problems and upsets in our lives.  When we forgive and choose to join our thoughts with the Holy Spirit, we create peace and happiness.  Watch your life and see if you don't see similar patterns emerging.

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