Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When Forgiveness Seems Difficult

Yes, it's true...forgiveness can seem overwhelming when we're not in a regular forgiveness practice.  The first time we sit down and truly tackle forgiving someone, it can feel almost impossible.

That's happening for two reasons.  The first is that our ego loves to hold tight to our grudges, cherishing our wounds and flaming up the intensity of our pain.  The second reason is that we simply don't have the tools we need to forgive.

The first step is to use logic against the ego.  After all, it's actually very logical to forgive.  Holding grudges prevents us from experiencing happiness and inner peace.  We need to firmly tell our egos to get out of our way and to let us try forgiveness.

Baby steps.  Then, for our first time out of the box, let's just try a tiny forgiveness baby step.  Just sit quietly, with closed eyes and visualize that we are sending a huge stream of white light to our trespasser.  It's really that simple.  We are flipping the switch.  We're going from anger and resentment to love.  It may not feel like deep love yet, but we're making a very important step with our gift of white light.

And that's all it takes!  It's not necessary to call and make up with this person.  It's not necessary to apologize or take them out to lunch.  In fact, it's OK if we never see them again. We don't have to be friends with someone who has hurt us in the past.  But we do need to let our hurt feelings and anger release.   Just flip the switch from fear to love with the gift of white light and we will have made a great step forward in the act of forgiving.

It's likely that a few hours from now, or a few days from now, we'll find ourselves once again feeling annoyed or hurt and upset about this same person.  That's OK.  Just go back to using a little more white light whenever our thoughts go dark.  We are flipping the switch again from fear to love. Each time we forgive with our white light, the fear will be lessened.   And we'll keep sending white light until we have completely forgiven...because we know that a lifestyle of forgiveness leads to a life of happiness.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Flip the Switch

Forgiveness is a matter of flipping the switch.  We go from fear to love.  From attack to generosity.  From thinking with the ego to thinking with Spirit.  From thoughts of torment, worry and trouble to thoughts of calm and inner peace.

At first, it's difficult to flip the switch.  We love our grudges.  They are cherished by us and we think we'll be giving up something we need if we release them.  But actually, they are nothing.  They bring us only pain.  Once released, we are happier.

With practice, we find it easier to just drop our grievance thinking and forgive.  Like anything else in life, the more we do it, the better we get at it.  Forgiveness becomes easy.  Most importantly, as we live the rewards of forgiveness we watch the happiness growing in our lives.  The more it grows, the more we want to forgive.

So come on, come on....get happy!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forgive Yourself Through the Act of Forgiving Others

Forgiveness is the means by which I learn I have done nothing to forgive.

When we forgive others we acknowledge that everyone's true nature is God's nature. Of course, living on Earth, many of us lose sight of our true nature.  We forget who we really are and we slip into attack behaviors.  It happens to all of us on occasion and some more frequently.

We attack others because we feel guilty.  We all have huge stores of sub-conscious guilt that we're not really aware of .  We project our own guilt onto other folks because it helps us feel better about ourselves.

If you don't believe me about the guilt, just try this experiment.  Sometime when you're alone, ask to be shown your pain and anger.  Just give yourself permission to scream.  You'll be amazed at what comes out of your throat.

We are all hurting and angry under the surface.  We live in fear but we suppress it in order to function in our daily lives.  However, when we begin to forgive others, this fear and guilt begins to dissipate.  This is because as we learn to see and know the higher truth about the other people in our world, we slowly begin to be convinced about our own higher truth.

Not only that, but what we give out comes back to us.  When we give out attack, we are attacked.  When we give out forgiveness, we are forgiven.  When we give love and acceptance.  We are loved and accepted.

Give forgiveness a chance to heal your world.  Try it.  You'll like it!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A State of Grace

When you have forgiven everything, you are in a state of Grace.  Life is happy and free.  You are at peace.  You have found the Heaven that resides within.

This is a state that happens when you live a forgiveness lifestyle.  You forgive the daily annoyances and hurts that come your way.  You stop judging others.  You go into your past memories and you release and forgive everything you are aware of.

You remain constantly on alert, looking for anything you can forgive.  Something will show up, it always does. After all, we are here to learn and grow...a new forgiveness opportunity will always show.  And when the opportunity comes to you, you set aside the time to do your forgiveness work.

When you live like this day after day, week after week,  year after year, the joy in you slowly builds.  A feeling of love floods into every aspect of your life.  Until one day, you look around and you say to yourself, "Wow, I am actually living the "happy dream".  It's here in my life now.

Then maintenance is your job, being ever vigilant to stay in that perfect state of Grace, forgiving everything that comes your way.

"Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory, wonderful to see.  Each flower shines in light, and every bird sings of the joy of Heaven.  There is no sadness and there is no parting here, for everything is totally forgiven  And what has been forgiven must join, for nothing stands between to keep them separate and apart.  The sinless must perceive that they are one, for nothing stands between to push the other off.  And in the space that sin left vacant do they join as one, in gladness recognizing what is part of them has not been kept apart and separate."       --A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26, IV, 2

Well, what are you waiting for?  Happiness is yours for the taking.

 "This tiny spot of sin that stands between you and your brother still is holding back the happy opening of Heaven's gate.  How little is the hindrance that withholds the wealth of Heaven from you.  And how great will be the joy in Heaven when you join the mighty chorus to the Love of God!"   --A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26, IV, 6

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Monday, January 20, 2014

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”

Photo by Francis Miller//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

"Forgiveness is not an occasional act.  It is a permanent attitude."

"Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness."

"I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear."

Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, for changing our world!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

When Other People Disappoint

We all do it.  We get attached to the idea that other people in our lives will be a certain way.  Perhaps we expect our spouses or lovers to be strong, beautiful and infallible. Or we might expect our children to be happy, liked and well-adjusted.  Or our friends to be easy-going, loyal and available.  And maybe we want our parents to be fair, loving and supportive.   

The expectations may differ from person to person or situation to situation, but one thing never changes...we get attached to wanting our family, friends and associates to be a certain way. 

Unfortunately, the world often does not meet up with our decisions about what it should be.  We get attached to these decisions and since we are attached to them, we feel disappointed and hurt when the world does not meet them.  

Releasing attachments to our decisions about what life should be like is a form of forgiveness.  Accepting others as they are, knowing that whomever they are and whatever they are doing is the right thing for them at this moment, is the most loving thing we can do. 


We are each here with our own unique set of lessons.  None of us know the entire truth about anyone else's overall soul intentions and pathway.  Forgive and accept the people in your life when they fail to be what you want for them.  Allowing the world is the key to your own peace.  

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Monday, January 13, 2014

A Little Slide Downward

I usually forgive just about everything as soon as I am aware that I am feeling annoyed, hurt or upset.  After all, I have a forgiveness lifestyle.  Forgiveness keeps me happy and it keeps my world easy and comfortable to live in.  So I value and appreciate my life lessons and try to forgive my world each day.  

But last week I had a little slump.  Here's what happened.  Right before bed one evening, my husband snapped at me when I was trying to tell him about our plans for the next day.  Instead of overlooking and forgiving him, I got annoyed.  And I kept feeling annoyed because...I LIKED IT!  I indulged myself.  I let myself get good and angry with him.    

And here's what happened next...

I woke up at 3 AM and was unable to go back to sleep. The next morning as we were trying to meet our friends to ski together, we missed the bus they were on.  Then we went to get my iphone out of our ski locker so we could make a plan to meet up with them later.  We found my phone submerged in an inch of vegetable juice in the bottom of my purse (I had tossed in a plastic bottle of the stuff on the run to meet our friends... smart?)  I turned it on and shorted it out, killing it permanently.

All afternoon I continued to feel annoyed with my husband...so he, of course, began to act really annoying.  I went to bed feeling hurt and put upon.  The next morning was my birthday.  None of my friends and family called to wish me Happy Birthday.  Well, actually, they did, but my phone was dead, of course.  Now I began to feel sorry for myself.  Then I burned my hand cooking dinner.  Next, my husband, in an effort to repair a broken light sconce in our powder room, somehow shorted out the electricity in half our house.  I went to bed with business worries on my mind instead of my usually peaceful thoughts.

At this point I began to recognize that my switch from thinking with love to thinking with fear was beginning to do a little damage in my life.  I could get a new phone, my hand would heal, my husband could  repair the light fixture.  I figured I'd better stop while I was ahead.  If I didn't, I'd risk drawing some seriously bad stuff into my life.  

And so I forgave him.  I felt better.  He felt better.  A new phone arrived in the mail.  The light sconce got fixed.  My hand stopped hurting. I got a good night's sleep.  My clients all emailed or called with happy messages.  Best of all, there were Happy Birthday wishes waiting for me on my new phone.  

My world keeps reminding me that happiness is a choice.

This is often what actually happens in real life.  When we are acting with the ego and living in fear, we create problems and upsets in our lives.  When we forgive and choose to join our thoughts with the Holy Spirit, we create peace and happiness.  Watch your life and see if you don't see similar patterns emerging.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Choose Again

A Course in Miracles tells us that in every moment we have the opportunity to choose again.  This means that we can always change our thinking.  It's only thought.

Thought changes surprisingly easily.  It really does.  But it requires a decision on our part to want it to change.  Try it sometime.  When you find yourself stewing about somebody or something, make a decision to let it go.  Send light and love to whomever you are annoyed with or hurt by.

You'll probably feel resistant to this for a moment.  That's because the ego loves to flare up the flames of resentment.  It's in the ego's best interest to keep you stewing.  Just push past those feelings and force yourself to change your thought.  Get past any feelings of distaste you have toward forgiving whomever is upsetting you and just do it!!

Surround your trespasser in light and then surround yourself, too.  Give these grievances over to the Holy Spirit.   In a few moments you'll be amazed at how differently you can feel.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Quickie Forgiveness Process

Although I am primarily a Course of Miracles student, I love the way the Science of Mind folks pray.  They are so good with words and their intentions are so clear.  Just read some Ernest Holmes if you want to see what I mean.

This is a lovely little prayer which is commonly used in Science of Mind practice and can be directed toward another person.  It is often used for healing or aiding a prayer partner.  However, I think it also makes a perfect little forgiveness process.  Just insert the appropriate name in the blank.

Affirmation for Self and Prayer Partner
There is one life.  This life is good.  This life is God.  This life is my life now.  In knowing that I am one with the life that is God, I know that I am whole, perfect, prosperous and complete in Mind, Body and Spirit.  I rely on Spirit revealing a healing in my life and in the Life of __________.   I know for ____________ that s/he is an expression of the Divine and that Divine right action is the truth of ____________'s experience in all ways.  Gratefully, I release this word, knowing it is so.  And so it is.  

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hmmmm....Grievances or God?

Which do you choose?

Do you want to hang on to your grievances?  Stoke the flames of resentment?  Keep the anger and the hurt going?

Or would you rather be happy?

"My Grievances hide the light of the world in me.
My grievances show me what is not there and hide from me what I would see.  Recognizing this, what do I want my grievances for?  They keep me in darkeness and hide the light.  Grievances and light cannot go together, but light and vision must be joined for me to see.  To see, I must lay my grievances aside."  --A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 85 

Let in the light and discover what true happiness feels like.  Start a regular forgiveness habit today and  swap your grievances for inner piece.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love Holds No Grievances

"Grievances are completely alien to love.  Grievances attack love and keep its light obscure.  If I hold grievances I am attacking love, and therefore attacking my Self.  My Self thus becomes alien to me.  I am determined not to attack my Self today, so that I can remember Who I am."    --A Course in Miracles, Workbook, Lesson 84

Let's try to have a day where we let it all go.  Let's just give all our anger, our pain, and our frustration over to the Holy Spirit.  

Build an altar to the Holy Spirit in your mind.  Make it huge and covered in white shining marble.   Let it be beautiful!  Whatever you place on that altar goes up in flames of white searing light as the Holy Spirit takes your burdens and transforms them into love.

Now, whenever you feel annoyance or hurt, just place those feelings on your altar.  Give them to the Holy Spirit.  They're not your work anymore.  Let the Holy Spirit figure out what to do with all the grievances in your life.  It's his specialty.  You'll be surprised at what He will do with them!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Mad First

Your feelings are your feelings.

Not everyone is advanced enough to simply turn the other cheek right after they've been slapped on the first side.  We're not all capable of living like Jesus...yet.  We're not all bodisatvas!

That's okay.  When the world dishes out hurt, pain and anger, it's fine for us to feel these feelings.  For awhile.

In fact, feeling the feelings is the perfect first step in the forgiveness process.  Go ahead.  Expand the feelings. Intensify the feelings.  Wallow in them.  Are you mad?  You bet!  Were you wronged?  You bet.  Feel it. You go!

But remember, this is only the beginning--you have work to do.  Forgiveness work.

After a little bit, it's time for our inner wisdom to shine in and let us know that we must forgive these trespasses.  Okay, so we've indulged our ego for awhile. But now it's time to turn it around.  See the bigger picture. Switch from fear to love.  Give it over to the Holy spirit.

Remember, it's only the body that's been harmed.  It's your ego that is flaring up these feelings.  Your Mind is not harmed.  The part of you that you share with God is not harmed in one little bit.  The biggest part of you...the real part of you, is perfectly safe with God.  Dwell here and let the rest go.

Heal your trespasser with your offering of forgiveness and heal yourself in the process.  When you take them to God, you go there, too.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Easy Guided Meditations to Help You Forgive

Yes, we all agree...forgiveness is important.  But how do we do it?

If you would like to forgive, but you're not sure how to get started, here are three easy processes that you can download and listen to.  All three are easy, relaxing and simple.

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  Forgive Your Past NOW  $2.99  In this 18 minute meditation you will forgive a person or event from your past that caused you harm.  Often times, we suppress old hurts and are unaware of how much damage their subconscious memories are causing to our present day lives.  

  Forgive the World NOW  $2.99  Part of being human is creating a story, the story of our life.  Once we create it, we get attached to it.  Forgive the World NOW is an 18 minute meditation to help you release, accept and forgive the story you have created.   

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Light of the World

A little forgiveness thinking from A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 82:

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

My forgiveness is the means by which the light of the world finds expression through me.  My forgiveness is the means by which I become aware of the light of the world in me.  My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself.  Let me, then, forgive the world, that it may be healed along with me. 

  • Let peace extend from my mind to yours, [name].
  • I share the light of the world with you, [name].
  • Through my forgiveness I can see this as it is.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Bigger Picture

The next time you are out and about, try to see the bigger picture for everyone you encounter.

"To see a brother in another body, separate from yours, is the expression of a wish to see a little part of him and sacrifice the rest."  A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26, I, 1, 6

We are so much more than just our bodies.  We are MIND.  Our minds are everywhere, always, infinite.  And they are One with God.   Just as they are One with all other Minds.

This is the beginning of forgiveness thinking.  It is the knowing that what happens here on earth is the smallest part of each of us.  Our truth is so much grander.  When we see others and know their truth, it is much easier to forgive the silly little acts we all commit here when we lose sight of the bigger picture.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hurt And Fear Accumulate

We all encounter people and events that hurt our feelings or deprive us of our core desires. As we go through life, we collect hundreds of little hurts and bruises to our psyche. Many of us experience some real heartbreaking events or true tragedies. In order to move forward in our lives, we stuff these hurts down deep and we don’t like to look at them. Looking at them reopens the pain.

As the weeks, months and years of disappointments, betrayals and rejections build up deep inside our subconscious minds, they begin to block our capacity to truly love. If we don’t heal and forgive them, they grow and fester. We become fearful in our approach to the world around us. Some of us may look confident, yet most of the time, we are just faking it. We’re not truly happy.

This low-level repressed anxiety and fear we feel drives us to keep ourselves busy as a distraction. We attend parties and dinners and meetings. We travel, have big “to do” lists, and raise families. We have crises and we have moments of joy. Most of this busy-ness, which we create to keep our minds occupied, is simply there to distract us from the monster of hurt deep inside us. We are afraid to really look at the monster, to acknowledge that we are deeply wounded inside and that we are, in actuality, sad, angry and fearful much of the time.

 A Course in Miracles says that there are really only two states. We are either in a state of love or we are in a state of fear. Since we rarely are truly feeling love, we spend most of our time in . . . you guessed it . . . fear. Of course, the biggest part of that fear is suppressed, controlled and locked away. However, it is always ready to rise roiling to the surface in full-out, hair-raising, panic-inducing, gut-wrenching, screeching, sniveling, and terrifying FEAR. And it sometimes does.

Who are we fooling?  Ourselves, really. We go on like this for years, racking up hurts and pains, pushing them down deep. There they fester, creating profound subconscious beliefs in concepts like rejection, worthlessness, disease, death or lack. The bigger these beliefs become, the worse our lives become. This is because the more we subconsciously believe in these limiting fearful concepts, the more rejection, worthlessness, disease, death and lack show up in the reality of our daily lives.

It becomes a vicious cycle. We attract more painful events and we push those new hurts down where they attach to other similar memories in our subconscious minds. The pain and the fear beliefs get bigger and bigger, each time attracting to us a more “in your face” real-life event.

These events often stay within the theme of our sub-conscious beliefs. In fact, we spend much of our lifetime experiencing the same painful types of events over and over. We rework a theme. For example, if our early experiences were with rejection, we keep experiencing larger and ever larger events having to do with rejection.

The Reward Of Forgiveness  Our only hope of ending all this fearful madness is forgiveness. When we stop the vicious cycle, begin to identify our beliefs, and forgive the events associated with them, we heal these beliefs deep in our subconscious minds. If we heal enough of these beliefs, we begin to release the fear and free ourselves up to live from love.

In fact, A Course in Miracles promises us that the more we forgive, the more the Holy Spirit will release guilt and pain from our subconscious minds. It’s a process and it takes effort and time. After all, we didn’t acquire these wounds overnight.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” If you want to see peace around you, start within. Forgive your older sister for ridiculing you in front of her friends. Forgive the next door neighbor for harping on you about your barking dog. Forgive your boss for speaking to you in a degrading tone, the clerk at the supermarket for ignoring you, and your first boyfriend for breaking up with you.

Most importantly, forgive your spouse, your father, your mother, and your children. Our families are our very best forgiveness opportunities, mostly because they are there for many years. Years of rubbing up against each other can create deep wounds. Each day, the causes of these wounds are re-enacted within our families. Each day we are gifted with the opportunity to end the pain and start the healing through our forgiveness.

An amazing by-product of forgiveness is that it really does change our world. You will find that as you forgive your family, friends and co-workers, old and uncomfortable behavior patterns and annoyances simply slip away. Life becomes easier. As all good Course students know, life is a classroom and as we learn our lessons through the process of forgiveness and acceptance, there is less pain to experience.

The Course has a term for this freer, happier life of joy and love. We call it the “happy dream” and it is available to each and every one of us if we make forgiveness a habit in our life. 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Forgive the Shooter

Yesterday I drove to the nearest large town, Reno, an hour away, to run some errands.  My 24 year old daughter lives in Reno where she works at Renown, Reno's largest hospital.

Anyway, we met for coffee and then she ran off to get ready for a big formal wedding that she and her girlfriends have been anticipating for months.  One of her two roommates was to be the Maid of Honor at the wedding.

My daughter had something weighing heavy on her heart which she wanted to discuss with me and I woke up this morning realizing that I, too, now had a forgiveness burden which needed to be released.  I thought I'd share the story with you since this sort of thing seems to be happening everywhere these days and it is bringing fear and anger into our everyday lives.

My daughter had just been to a funeral two days before.  Here's why...

A week or so before Christmas, I was out of town on business when I received a phone call from my daughter telling me not to be alarmed if I heard the day's news.  There was a shooting going down at Renown but my daughter was not on duty.  She didn't know much about it but she was safe at home.

As it turned out, the shooting happened in the Urology department and two doctors and a patient were shot before the shooter turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.  One doctor appears to have survived, although things are still critical and the patient will survive, too.  However, a male doctor was killed.  His last act before being shot was to lock the patient he was conferring with in his office, hoping she would be safe, and go out into the hallway to see if there was anything he could do to help the situation.

This male doctor, Charles Gholdoian, was the husband of one of the OB/GYN surgeons that my daughter works for. My daughter tells me that he was a lovely and generous man, his wife is a wonderful woman and skilled surgeon and that they were very much in love as a couple.  The whole thing is a terrible tragedy.  And, by the way, the other surviving doctor is a woman who was shot with buckshot through the right hand and arm.  She will never be a surgeon again.

Okay those are the terrible tragic facts.  The truth is that these days, we hear stories like this all the time.  What are we to do with these stories?  How are we to see these shooters and the terrible crimes they commit?

Here's the tough assignment.  We need to forgive these shooters and their actions.  The reason that we need to forgive them is that we need to forgive everything...EVERYTHING.  It is our job to forgive this entire crazy insane world and every crazy insane thing that happens here.  That means that ultimately, we have to forgive drug lords, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler and these shooters, too.

Of course, forgiving on this level is what I would call advanced forgiveness.  It's not something that is easy to do until you have developed an advanced forgiveness habit and in order to do that you need to be able to think about the world differently. This changed thinking usually takes some years to develop and it's not something I can explain easily in a few paragraphs here.  However, I am going to briefly touch on some of the concepts involved in this level of forgiveness so that you can start thinking about them.  If you find that you hear my words but you don't feel the truth in them yet, that's okay.  If you are on a pathway of forgiveness, you will understand them completely, eventually.

First of all, it is important to separate the act from the person.  We can learn to forgive the person without condoning the acts he or she committed.  When we forgive, it does not mean that we feel any differently about what the person did.  For example, in the case of this shooting, this was a terrible criminal act that has irrevocably and horribly changed the lives of innocent people.  Forgiving the shooter does not diminish in any way the horror of the act he committed. Also, if the shooter had survived he would definitely belong in jail.  Forgiving him does not change that fact.

We all need to realize that part of living in this crazy insane world is that we all act a little crazy and insane at different points in our lives.  Every one of us has been a little mean, selfish, judgmental, or critical somewhere, someplace or sometime.  Every one of us has been a little bossy or at least a tiny bit of a bully at some point in their lifetime.  It may have been just a little teeny bit, but that doesn't matter.  We've all participated.

And, we've all been a victim, even if it is just a little bit.  Perhaps we've been a victim of illness, gossip, check fraud, theft, etc.  There is no-one here that has never been victimized in some way.  We all participate in some form in bullying and victimization.

Also, we all experience loneliness, guilt, sadness, anger, hurt, rejection, worthlessness and fear.  There is no one alive on this planet that does not experience each of these feelings at least occasionally.

Remember also that there is only one mind.  I am a part of that mind.  You are a part of that mind.  The human condition includes all these behaviors and emotions.  It is who we are and we created it collectively as one mind.  We are all just experiencing it from different perspectives.

Now, you probably don't indulge the feelings of victimization, hurt, sadness, anger and rejection to quite the same level that this shooter did.  If you did, you'd be a shooter, too.  Keep in mind, however, that it is all on a spectrum.  If you've felt these feelings, and of course you have, then you are participating in the same thinking that led to this shooting.  We all do, all the time.

This thinking comes out of our ultimate decision to be separate from God.  It is ego thinking.  When we are thinking with the Holy Spirit, we do not think like this.

There are no levels in separation.  We're either with God, or we're not.  Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, there's no real difference between our feelings of fear and the way they play out in our minds and the shooters feelings of fear and the way they played out in his mind.  Yes, he allowed his feelings to amplify to the point where he lost control of himself.  However, his state of separation was the same as our state.  We are all choosing separation most of the time.

Think about this shooter's life a little bit.  He was described as a loner, lonely, alone.  What things might have happened in his past to cause him to live like this.  What brought him to this state?  What sorts of rejection did he experience in his lifetime?  Who abused him emotionally or physically to bring him to this?  Was he ever offered love?  Was it modeled in his family?  Was it modeled at his school during his childhood?   Was he loved and appreciated in his working life?  In what way did this crazy insane world contribute to the amplification of his wounds and fears?  Did anybody ever truly extend a helping hand of love to him...ever?  Was he offered a way out?

Importantly, we can offer that hand of love to him now.  Even though he is dead and in a different place.  Remember, there is no time or space and all minds are joined.  When we forgive him now, we are offering him healing, wherever he is and whenever he is.  And our act of forgiveness is working to heal the world.  We are healing the collective Mind with our forgiveness.

See him in his true light.  He is a Son of God.  He is loved and cherished by God.  God created him exactly in his own image.  God forgives everything.  God only knows goodness.  God only knows love.  God knows that the shooter's truth is actually love.  In heaven, our true state, we are all only love.  We are pure joy.  We are perfect peace.   There is only beauty.  He is God's beloved only son.  Forgive him.  Release him.  Bless him with love.

And in this act you are blessing and releasing us all.  You are raising us all to heaven and knowing our truth as brothers and sisters in God's love.

And,  this includes you.  You are a Son of God, too.  Your act of forgiveness shows you your true self.  It is your own personal act of salvation.

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