Friday, November 22, 2013

What's on Your List?

Stuff to Forgive...

  • barking dogs in the neighborhood
  • your spouse for not appreciating you enough
  • your kids for making a mess all over the house, yet again
  • the girl that made fun of your skirt in the fifth grade
  • the first guy that broke up with you
  • your former "best friend" for dating your x-boyfriend
  • your aging parent for getting old
  • yourself for creating clutter in your house
  • your friend and neighbor for dying unexpectedly
  • the deep hurt you feel that everyone ignores you much of the time

We all have lots of stuff like this.  Go ahead...make a list.  Take ten or twenty minutes and jot down everything you can think of.  Nothing is too big or too small.  Don't bother even thinking about trying to forgive anything on the list right now.  Just get it down.  Just write.  Do a brain dump. 

Once you have your list, start to work on forgiving one thing on the list each morning when you do your daily meditation and prayer work.  Take it slow.  Don't worry if you don't always forgive something new every day.  Sometimes I work on the same thing for many days at a time.  And sometimes, I just stew.  I think about forgiving, but I'm just not ready to face it, yet. 

That's OK.  Just know that it is right, however it is.  Don't be surprised if the universe gives you a little shove.  It might gift you with a little more information or insight about what you are forgiving or it might be another forgiveness "lesson" that is similar.  Chances are you'll be gently nudged in ways that will help you tackle each item on your list.  Let it unfold and do the forgiveness work you can as quickly as you are ready. 

As you move forward, remember that you are doing this FOR YOU!!  YOU want to be happy.  YOU want the peace.

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