Sunday, November 17, 2013

Forgiveness Removes Guilt

I encourage everyone I know to start a daily forgiveness practice.  Why?  Because when we get in the habit of daily forgiveness, over time our guilt will be removed. 

We all have huge storehouses of unresolved guilt lurking in our subconscious mind.  We feel guilty for every lie we've ever told, every unkind thought we've ever had, every person we've ever judged or rule we've ever broken.  We believe we've sinned.


Over the years this guilt builds up.  However, it's nothing compared to the mother-lode of guilt we create every moment we live separately from god.  Living as individuals, in our egos and choosing to ignore our true identity and oneness as God's Son*, leaves us with an iceberg of guilt under the surface of our conscious minds.  Only forgiveness can heal this guilt.

Without forgiveness, we believe we are unworthy.  Guilt blocks our ability to experience the true gifts which are our inheritance from God.  These gifts are peace, love, happiness, knowledge, beauty and abundance. 

Here is the key to your forgiveness work, and then you will be able to live in God's gifts.  Forgive and release guilt and you will believe yourself worthy of accepting everything that God has to offer for you. 

*Son--The word Son in A Course of Miracles, refers to the collective Sonship, of which we are all a part, having been created by God.  We are all his perfect Son, the Christ.

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