Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forgiveness is Replacing Judgment with Love

Forgiveness is actually very easy to do.  However, in order to do it easily, you have to change the way you think about this world.

Forgiveness is replacing judgment with love.  It is recognizing that God never judges anyone, ever.  He loves each one of his creations.  After all, he created every one of us in his own image.  We are exactly like him.  And since he is complete and pure love he sees us through eyes of love. 

God is the strength in which I trust.
"It is not my own strength through which I forgive.  It is through the strength of God in me, which I am remembering as I forgive.  As I begin to see, I recognize His reflection on earth.  I forgive all things because I feel the stirring of His strength in me.  And I begin to remember the Love I chose to forget, but which has not forgotten me."   --A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 60

In forgiveness, we look at our adversaries with God's eyes.  We drop our judgments and we see others in their truth.  They are exactly what we are, pure spirit, complete love.

"To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you"--C.S. Lewis

Of course, it is absolutely true that in this "dream world" people do things to us that are destructive to our well being and this can often be painful.  However, we need to realize that people only do these things out of their own ignorance.  They do not remember who they really are.  They don't remember that they are actually perfect loving whole spiritual beings, created by God out of only love.  They come here and they forget.  They lose sight of the big picture. They become blinded by their ego minds and all the things the grasping ego demands for them.  They forget their real truth.

Remember also that many people simply don't look to see love in the world around them.  It just doesn't occur to them to do so.  They may have been mistreated or disrespected.  Perhaps they've never been shown what love really looks like. They don't know any better.  That doesn't make what they do less destructive in our lives, but perhaps it makes it easier to see the world from their perspective. 

That's OK.  Let them be what they are and do what they will...for now.  Recognize the fact that they are a little behind us on the path to God.  They're not awakened yet. 

But you, however, you are starting to wake up.  It's your forgiveness job to look past the dream actions others take in this dream world and to see beyond to their truth.  Raise them up in your mind.  Release them and let them go.  Forgive them and as you forgive, over time a backwash of love will seep into your life.  Forgiving others is actually the road to forgiving yourself.   And self forgiveness leads to inner peace. 

"Forgiveness is the demonstration that you are the light of the world.  Through your forgiveness does the truth about yourself return to your memory.  Therefore, in your forgiveness lies your salvation." --  A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 62

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