Monday, March 2, 2020

Corona Virus--Can Forgiveness, Positive Thoughts and Actions Help You Stay Well?

A good friend of mine, Gwendalyn Gilliam, just wrote the following article which I liked so much, I asked for permission to include here.  Reading it opened my eyes to some new ways to think about Coronavirus as it becomes present in our world:

Gwendalyn Gilliam, LMT

It’s true. There’s a virus out there and it’s spreading rampantly, easily, (no one is  exactly sure how); and it’s a nasty one that can potentially kill you. At the current rate, it’s pretty clear that eventually every one of us will probably wind up getting exposed, despite our best efforts.

Whether it evolved naturally or was, as rumored, engineered; the fact of this disease breaking out in the world’s foremost hub of economic productivity represents the equivalent of a global physical and financial attack, one that we can beat collectively if enough of us step back to see the bigger picture and change our fear habits.

Here are my top 10 things you can do today to beat Coronavirus. 

Some of them come from a natural healing/quantum physics perspective and though proven to be powerful and effective, you may find them surprising and even controversial. You don’t have to actually believe them, just be willing to, and then open up to watch them begin to work. It’s the willingness that cracks open the darkness and lets in the light, so tell yourself right now: “Whatever this is, if it will help save me physically and financially, I am willing to believe it, and if I can’t fully, it’s okay. I’m staying open.”

  1.  Look at the Facts...

It’s easy to let our minds get wrapped around the flagpole of panic and despair, but rather than do that, it’s important to pause and take a look at the evidence. First of all, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hasn’t killed a drop in the bucket compared to the plain old flu this year. At this writing the global death toll for Coronavirus is 2,800, compared to this year’s whopping estimated 291,000-646,000 from regular flu. If you average the estimated range you get 468,500, or 167X more deaths than from Coronavirus.

But it’ just beginning, you say. So let’s compare the infection vs. death rate to that from MERS a few years ago, which had a 34.4% death rate. Although no one is standing firm on the numbers, it looks like Coronavirus is killing somewhere between 3-7%. Fully 81% of those infected have mild cases, and no one under the age of 10 has died.

Which is where you and your health and immunity come in to play, and here’s the very good news. You can do a lot to build up your immune system, both physically and energetically, and in this you have total control.

     2.  Say Goodbye to Hand Sanitizers and Germicides

You may think I’m robbing you of your first line of defense against the virus, but the opposite is true. Let’s take back the power we’ve given the germ (i.e. bacterial, viral and fungal) world.  There are healthy germs and mean ones. We carry more bacteria in our gut, by a large margin, than we have cells in our entire bodies. We’re born with them and we couldn’t digest our food without them.

How did it happen that we came to hand our power over to tiny microbes? To explain we need to go back in history to a little known event at the death bed of Louis Pasteur, champion of the germ theory, which won out over his competing contemporary, Joseph Hahnemann, and his theory of homeopathic medicine. (Had it gone differently, today our whole idea of disease would be upturned and we’d all be taking remedies in milk sugar pellets under our tongues to increase rather and decrease our symptoms. Symptoms are often the body’s defenses at work: e.g., a fever burns out infection by circulating the blood faster and upping its friction with the vascular walls. (Side note: If you have body aches from flu, just relax the area and they will ease. The pain is from the muscles not allowing the vessels to expand under pressure of greater blood flow.)

It’s reported that as Pasteur breathed his last breath he admitted to the superiority of his rival’s theory, saying, “It’s not the mosquito, but the swamp it swims in.” In other words, the germs can only become as deadly as our defenses are weak. If it was only about germs we’d have no doctors, nurses or hospital staff. They’d all be dead.

Germs grow in microscopic gardens all around us, on every surface. When you use a hand sanitizer or chemical germicide at home you kill off the friendly flora and make room for the bad ones to go crazy and fill in the deficit. There was a study years ago that compared the germ count on the countertops of a meticulous housewife who used germicide to that of a bachelor who did not. And yes, the bachelor’s home was much cleaner germ wise and healthier because the natural counter balances, germ species to germ species, were still intact.

So let nature’s checks and balances take effect. You’re never going to erase all germs without an autoclave and a freezer, which would need to take them back and forth several times, and even then their spores would lie in wait for an opportune moment.

   3.  Let the Sun Shine In

In my college microbiology class we did an experiment with the disinfecting power of sunlight. We cut a paper capital E and laid it in the middle of the agar in a petri dish, held it outdoors in the sun for 2 minutes, then covered it and put it in an incubator. A week later we found a perfect letter E in fuzzy bacterial growth, with the rest of the dish completely clear. Were it not for the sun, our planet would be overrun with bacteria, viruses and fungi. That’s why mold grows in the dark.
4.  Create Your Immune Building Lifestyle

If you’ve been procrastinating getting into shape, now is a great excuse to start a moderate exercise regimen, which builds your immunity by circulating the healing factors in your blood.

Another great immune builder is to swim in cold water because it increases your body’s adaptability. If this isn’t possible or if you’re not that radically hardy, a long cold splash at the end of your shower is powerfully beneficial. If you can spare the water, going back between hot and cold a few times forces the blood to gush through your internal organs (hot) and then back to the skin (cold).

And of course, lots of rest, especially when you feel like you’re about to come down with something, provides your body the energy needed to fight the bug.

5.  Remedies

The effects of natural healing are much more subtle than consuming typical allopathic medicines which extract the active ingredient from an herb, isolating it from protective buffers, and then multiplying it as much as 1,000 times. So don’t expect a one pill wonder here. Natural healing works when each system (vascular, respiratory, digestive, hormonal and immune) supports the others.

Here’s a partial list and what they do:

--Celery juice dissolves all bacteria, viruses and fungus in the body
--Lemon water with honey and garlic (if you can stand it) cleanses the liver, increases hydration, adds Vitamin C and antioxidants, and reduces inflammation. The honey helps pull it into the liver, especially first thing in the morning
-- Ginseng, produces more antiviral protein
--Get Airborne.  It’s vitamin, herb and mineral blend supports immunity
--Intermittent cleansing and fasting eliminates toxins that feed pathogens (message me for more on this—I’m an aficionado since 1973!)

--Honeygar, warm water with up to 1 T vinegar and 1 t honey (you can reverse the amounts if you need to) throughout the day. The buffers in the vinegar absorb many times their weight in acid, alkalizing the body and rendering it less hospitable to germs. This treatment in particular can trigger a healing crisis, the disease’s last stand
--Supplements and Tinctures (can dose as much as hourly):
Echinacea, immune booster
Ginger, stimulates immunity to kill viruses
Elderberry, fights viruses
Cayenne, dries up mucus
Goldenseal, fights microorganisms and dries mucus
Oscillococcinum as directed relieves flu symptoms

      6.  Visualize White Light and Wellness Within You

As your mind and body work together, this technique calls your white blood cells to the area you’re working with. It’s easy to do when you’re well, much harder when you’re sick. I’ve used it to heal everything from plantar warts to pneumonia. It uses imagination, which is always the doorway to what you don’t know how to do. These three methods work the best:

A.     Picture a ball of white light for as long as you can sustain it if you feel, say, a little tickle in your throat, all the way to full blown symptoms.
B.     Imagine your body’s energy system flowing like a three-dimensional donut down through your core and out your feet, up around to enter the top of your head again. In this flow, introduce thousands of little white ninja stars spinning and slicing to pieces anything and everything that is not supposed to be there.
C.     If you are sick, imagine, in vivid detail, yourself: healthy and strong, playing with your full vitality in force. Your body will take this and run with it and it’s also entertaining and hopeful.

     7.  Laugh a Lot

Norman Cousins proved this by healing a life threatening illness by watching Marx Brothers movies and writing Anatomy of an Illness. Laughing gives you a mini workout, boosts immunity, wipes out stress, clears your mind, and improves natural killer cell activity.

      8.  Unify With You

Make sure that every thought you have about yourself is a good one. If you mess up, accept it. Letting your thoughts turn to self-judgment will take you down faster than anything, kind of like tearing a hole in your hot air balloon. Practice pivoting self-criticism from the voice in your head the moment you feel its disturbance. Just laugh, give yourself a hug and tell yourself something wonderful about you.

     9.  Financial Flexibility

More than the physical danger, the real threat Coronavirus poses is its attack upon our world’s economic prosperity. This we absolutely can turn around, individually and as a whole.

At a quantum level, it’s impossible for anything to come to us that doesn’t match our own frequency. While it’s easy to “awfulize” in a situation where there is financial uncertainty, it’s the most destructive thing you can do. Three weeks of worry, or negative visualization, can do your business in.

When you understand how absolute your sovereignty to create your life actually is, you never doubt that what comes to you is for your good. You’re able to take responsibility for negative events from the past in a way that may sound almost cruel: children who are starving every day! But the key is that we are immortal, so our lifetimes become more like costumes donned for a play of experience, none of which is either positive or negative, only what we decide them to be.

Realize that what comes to you is not what you wish to believe, but what you actually do believe, and therein lies the work. Again, it begins by opening to the possibility, not trying to force it, just sitting and being with it.

So if your financial security is threatened by Coronavirus, imagining how to change gears and begin something that will sustain you in this situation is much more productive, fun and encouraging than dreading the worst. Create your day the night before and say, “Tomorrow I am meeting remarkable people, and doing amazing things, and all the time I’m feeling so excited about my life and how great I can make it,” and when you wake, carry it into your day. Recognize doubt as just a refusal to participate.

   10.  Forgive the Situation

I believe that our souls come to this world to experience the greatest possible opportunity to grow, which is amply afforded on Earth by unlimited free will and the wildest of life challenges. Knowing this, you can apply the old metaphysical saying, “What you resist persists.” Forgiveness has nothing to do with ignoring a problem or pretending that it’s not bad. You don’t justify or make yourself vulnerable to it in the future. It’s simply about letting go. Refusing to forgive a person or situation is like drinking poison and hoping the other party will suffer for it. According to Sue Pipal’s book, Forgiveness is the Key to Freedom: It’s EasierThan You Think!

This Coronavirus outbreak actually provides a splendid opportunity for all of us as a human species to break the chains of fear that have held and driven us for thousands of years. I know that by creating our way out of Coronavirus panic we can all receive the priceless gem of knowing that the next time adversity strikes we can do it all over again and come out on top--all of us, doing our part, together, for the good of all. And I think we’re ready!



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