Friday, November 8, 2013

Even though on an intellectual level you “know” that “you’re perfect, whole & complete” – do you doubt it?

Jennifer Hadley asked this question in one of her daily emails.  Most of us do have big emotional doubts, even though we are intellectually learning truths.  In order to turn what we are learning intellectually into knowing, however, we must do our forgiveness work. 

The reason we doubt is because we all have massive guilt in our subconscious minds.

 Each time we forgive, the Holy Spirit goes into our subconscious and removes a little of that guilt.  As we forgive repeatedly over time, our storehouse of guilt (which, of course, is the source of most of the suffering we experience here on earth) gets lessoned. 

This is why I look forward to my forgiveness opportunities.  Even though I know that the "classroom" of life may occasionally bring me painful experiences, when I forgive them and truly accept my world, I am offered peace instead. 

Forgiveness is the way we turn doubt and fear into love.

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