Sunday, January 12, 2014

Choose Again

A Course in Miracles tells us that in every moment we have the opportunity to choose again.  This means that we can always change our thinking.  It's only thought.

Thought changes surprisingly easily.  It really does.  But it requires a decision on our part to want it to change.  Try it sometime.  When you find yourself stewing about somebody or something, make a decision to let it go.  Send light and love to whomever you are annoyed with or hurt by.

You'll probably feel resistant to this for a moment.  That's because the ego loves to flare up the flames of resentment.  It's in the ego's best interest to keep you stewing.  Just push past those feelings and force yourself to change your thought.  Get past any feelings of distaste you have toward forgiving whomever is upsetting you and just do it!!

Surround your trespasser in light and then surround yourself, too.  Give these grievances over to the Holy Spirit.   In a few moments you'll be amazed at how differently you can feel.

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