Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happiness is a Role People Play

In Eckart Tolle's book, A New Earth, he makes the point that many people act like they are happy.  You run into someone you haven't seen for a while and you ask how they are, "Oh, great" they say, "things are great.  My job is going well.  The kids are busy at school and with sports.  We just took a nice trip to Hawaii for spring break.  I bought a new car this year.  Everything is great."

Is this really happiness?  Or is it busy-ness, safety, normalcy?  Isn't true happiness more than just a regular paycheck, a few comforts and a general overall sense of moving on with it?

What about the kind of happiness that wells up from deep within your heart and spills over into every moment of your life, always and wherever you are.  The happiness that makes you feel so much a part of all that is, that nothing can interfere with it and bring you down.  The deep abiding happiness that comes from knowing that you are completely supported and loved in your life, that you will always be taken care of and cherished, that nothing you can ever do is wrong and that you are forgiven for any "sins" you may believe you have committed.

You don't get this kind of happiness from a new car, a good report card or a promotion at work.

True happiness comes with forgiveness.  This is because as we begin to release our habit of judging everyone and everything in our lives and replace judgment with a sincere forgiveness lifestyle (we forgive the people in our present, the people and events of our pasts and everything we see in the world around us that upsets us) we begin to realize that we are forgiven, too.

There is no sin.  Spirit is only love.  When we love others through our forgiveness, we open ourselves up to receiving all of the Divine's gifts to us. And the Divine's gifts are truly multitude...happiness, peace, beauty, truth and love.  All this comes to us when we replace fear with love and offer forgiveness to the world around us.  

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