Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take a Deep Breath and Just Do It

Forgiveness can seem distasteful when we are feeling very wronged by or annoyed with someone.  In fact, forgiveness can seem like the very last thing on earth we want to do.  I admit it...there have been plenty of times when I felt so disgusted by someone that the thought of forgiving them felt very uncomfortable.

Just get over it!  Yes, you heard me.  Just take a deep breath and do it.  Forgive.  Flip the switch from fear to love.  From anger, pain and judgement to acceptance.  Use one of my quickie forgiveness processes and it will all be over in a moment.

You'll be so glad afterward that you did this.  The twisted up feelings of hurt and anger will leave.  You'll feel so much better. Don't do it because "you should".  Don't do it because "God wants you to", or "It's what Jesus would do."  Do it for yourself.  You need it.  Forgiveness leads to happiness. Your happiness.

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