Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Seeing the Soul"

"One of the greatest gifts we can bring to every person we meet today is to look at them beyond the personality level. We don't just see them as their history or what they look like at a physical level.  But, let's bring the practice--and perhaps it might be the highest practice of our day--to practice seeing essence.  Practice seeing the real being, the real person.  Practice seeing the great soul in the amazing disguise of the human flesh that we see with each and every person we meet this day." --Mary Morrissey

This is what real forgiveness is about.  Forgiveness happens when we look beyond the "human flesh" of this 3D earthly world (and the occasional misguided and confused behavior that accompanies it), to the soaring soul essence beyond.  Learn to cast your gaze to a higher place, the place where Spirit is the only truth.  It is in that place that we can find forgiveness for what happens on this lower plane where many of us "know not what we do".

When we look upon our trespassers, let us look with the eyes of Spirit, not with our human eyes.  This earth can be a hard, confusing place of suffering for many.  Let us just acknowledge that their bad behavior is often simply coming from that place of fear that each and every one of us knows far too well.  Let us see their bad behavior as we are advised to in A Course in Miracles, where we are asked to see "everything as either an expression for love or a call for love."  Fear acts are merely misguided calls for love.  Yes, sometimes they can be very misguided.  But it is important to remember that they come from a place of fear, and fear is always suffering.

Look beyond that suffering to the love that is ultimately at the core of the higher essence of each and every one of us.

"What was so powerful about the ministry of Yeshua ben Joseph, who became Jesus, the Christ, was how people felt in the way in which he saw them.  He saw them in their wholeness  He saw them in their natural beauty.  He saw them in their wonder."  --Marry Morrissey

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